24 August 2010

Feel the Love

Tomorrow I will leave behind some of the most inspiring, compassionate, funny, and important people in my life for the arms of a bright and big world. To my friends and family who have patiently listened to me, held me, and laughed with me through this process... all I can say is but thanks, thanks, and thanks. I love you to the stars and back again and again and again, I'll carry you all in my heart as I make my way around the globe!

There are a few things that I'll miss out on over the course of the next four months, so
please indulge wholeheartedly and often in the following as a way to keep me in your hearts too:

1. Visit your local Farmers Market and eat organic foods.
2. Hug friends and family.
3. Listen to National Public Radio.
4. Sweat it out in Hot yoga.
5. Feel the love for Oprah Winfrey's "Farewell Season."


  1. TTSAB! I love you soo...

  2. Kels,
    i cant believe youre headed out. i am so excited that you are doing this blog and i will be able to read all about your adventures. say hello to desmond tutu for me. and while youre at it you might as well strike up a conversation with him, ive heard hes quite corky yet extremely intelligent at the same time, couldnt ask for a better combination.
    -be inspired
    -share your passion with the world
    i cant wait to hear about all of the amazing places you see, all of the amazing people you meet, and all the stories you learn.

    i hope that this is appropriate but a certain quote comes to mind when thinking of you and this trip-
    give love. be lite. <3

    i love you.

  3. You're on your way and I'm so excited for you! Enjoy your adventure! So many loving hearts will be with you all the way! xoxxo