31 October 2010

India: Louder Than Words

India absolutely blew my mind. Words could never do justice to what I saw, heard, smelled, and felt. These photos represent just a snippet of this whirlwind experience, but I think they tell the story pretty well themselves. Love you all!


  1. A visual entry seems apropos given the intensity of this cultural experience. The mind cannot translate what the entire body has been exposed. As the pictures spoke, my heart raced, luring me into a whole new world.....thank you so much for sharing!
    Love you Kelsey Hayes!

  2. The pictures look fantastic. What a wonderful trip you are on.

  3. Kelsey, these pictures are absolutely amazing - what a wonderful eye you have! I can't wait to hear more about this amazing experience. Enjoy the rest of your adventure :)

  4. This is a gorgeous post!! I can't wait to see more pics in future blogs and when you're back in SD :) Miss you!